Trail Ridge Technologies is a product research and development company located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Our mission is the improvement of life through technology. Trail Ridge Technologies was founded by two engineers who had spent most of their careers in product development at a major Fortune 100 high tech company. Observing that many interesting and innovative product ideas don’t fit the big business model and thus never make it to market, they broke off on their own to pursue some of these ideas without the restrictions, constraints, overhead, and lethargy that is part of the big business model.

At Trail Ridge Technologies, we know that products with great new technology are often too complicated for most of us to use. Sometimes they are too hard to install and set up. Other times they are just too confusing to operate. We want to change that. We hope that each product we sell will make someone’s life simpler.

Our Aftermarket Backup Camera

A few years ago, when we looked at car rear view camera technology, we found that for most drivers, the options were pretty disappointing. You could buy a luxury car with the technology built in, or you could buy an aftermarket backup camera solution. But those aftermarket solutions involved serious installation work. Even the simple “wireless” cameras involved drilling holes, running wires, and splicing electrical connections! You could easily spend an entire afternoon with do-it-yourself installation (and then hope didn’t void your vehicle’s warranty or short out the electrical system), or you could pay large fees to have someone install it for you. As a result, a very small percentage of drivers were using backup cameras to save lives, protect property, and simplify backing, just because the technology was too difficult or expensive to install!

This website highlights our QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera, the result of our efforts to make life-saving backup cameras available to every driver. With absolutely no wires, the QuickVu™ camera installs easily — just bolt it on to the license plate. The QuickVu™ receiver and monitor mount to the dash with Velcro™ and plug in to the auxiliary power outlet (or cigarette lighter receptacle). Most drivers can install it themselves in just minutes. We are sure you will appreciate it.

Take a look at QuickVu™, and let us know what you think. Give us your ideas for making it even better.