Original Analog QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera


Original Analog QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera

$299.99 $199.00

This is our original QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera. It is designed for easy installation without the need for drilling holes, routing wires, changing fuses, or hiring an expensive installer. This system was designed for regular passenger vehicles, but many customers have used it successfully on trucks and even smaller RVs. We do not recommend this system for vehicles with active Bluetooth systems.


Our QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera system includes a license plate mounted camera and wireless receiver and monitor.

QuickVu™ Camera

Our camera attaches easily to your license plate in 30 seconds to a minute. Its noninvasive design rarely calls attention to itself, yet calls attention to everything you need to be able to see. It does that dependably. The wide angle lens allows you to have a wider field of vision so you see more than just what’s directly behind you.

QuickVu Backup Camera


QuickVu™ Monitor & Receiver

Our QuickVu™ monitor and receiver can attach together on the top of your dashboard or be split up between the top of the dashboard and your console. A strength-tested, non surface damaging, two-sided tape adheres to your car, wherever you feel most appropriate on the dash or console.

QuickVu Camera and Monitor


Check our our features and benefits and how we compare with other product alternatives.

Finally, a TRULY wireless backup camera!

The camera is installed as easily as mounting a license plate.

  • No holes to drill
  • No wires to route through the car
  • No splicing electrical connections
  • No voiding of your car’s warranty
  • No expensive installation costs
  • No more excuses for not having a backup camera in your car

Easy to Use

With vehicles with an ignition-switched auxiliary power outlet (or cigarette lighter receptacle), the camera starts automatically when you start your car (when you are most likely to need to back up) without the need to shift into reverse gear first. For vehicles that do not have switched power outlets, a simple tap of a button will start the camera.

The camera will stay on for 15, 30 (default), 45, or 60 seconds, and then turn off automatically to extend battery life. If you need to turn the camera on again, just tap a button.

Use Your Existing Monitor, or Use Ours

The receiver’s RCA video output jack makes it easy to use your GPS or other video display that has an RCA (NTSC) input. On some vehicles, you can even use your in-dash stereo or navigation system. If you don’t have a compatible display, our 3.5″ color LCD display provides a vivid image and mounts easily on your dash or console.

Long Lasting, Replaceable Batteries

Thanks to our unique, low-power design the QuickVu™ camera can operate for up to a year in normal use* on just two long-life AA batteries. The batteries are easily replaced for continued use of your backup camera. Battery life can be extended by shortening the length of time the camera remains on during each use.

*Normal use includes four uses per day with the camera on for 30 seconds each use and assumes no extremes in temperatures. Battery life may be longer or shorter with different use patterns and conditions. We recommend Energizer Ultimate Lithium™ batteries or their equivalent.

Optional Socket for Charging or Powering Phone, GPS, …

Our receiver has a USB style socket that can be used for charging or powering your cell phone or other devices.

Hitch Your Trailer with Ease

When mounted directly above the ball, the QuickVu™ camera makes aligning your trailer hitch with the ball a very simple matter. Back right up to the hitch without someone giving you hand signals and without getting in and out of your pickup several times. For those who need to hitch a trailer every day, this can save hours each week, leaving more time for work or fun. And you can check on the trailer, even when driving!


We applaud you for considering a backup camera — whatever you end up buying, you are taking a big step towards driving safety by reducing the risks associated with backing up. You have probably noticed that you have a lot of options. There are many things to consider as you make your decision.
  • Inexpensive options often sacrifice image quality and generally require expensive installation.
  • Mid-range options may offer improved image quality, but still require expensive installation.
  • High priced products may offer great image quality, but unless they are truly wireless, you will still have to pay those expensive installation costs.
  • We deliver a great product that you can install quickly and easily without paying an installer. We believe your money is better spent in the product, rather than the installation.

Here is a comparison of some common options.

Camera System Product Cost Installation Total Installed Cost
New car upgrade package $500-$2000 Dealer Installed $500-$2000
Electronics retail camera and monitor w/installation
(Best Buy, Car Toys, etc.)
$180-$380 $120-$300 store installation,
possible vehicle warranty impact
Typical auto parts camera kit & paid installer
(Advanced Auto, Autozone, etc.)
$100-$150 $150-$300 independent skilled Installer,
possible vehicle warranty impact
QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera $299.99 5-10 minute customer installation,
no drilling or splicing necessary,
no impact on vehicle warranty

Features & Benefits

Truly Wireless System – Finally – A truly wireless backup camera!
  • Do it yourself, easily, in just a few minutes.
  • No routing wires through the car body
  • No advanced, complex electrical connections
  • No drilling holes in your bumper
  • No expensive installation costs
  • Quality image and secure connection
Great for Hitching Trailers  – Hitch your trailer in seconds!
  • Always mounted, so you don't forget it when you need it
  • Wide angle lens makes backing up to the trailer easy!
  • High quality image shows you when your ball and hitch are aligned perfectly.
  • This video shows you how easy it is, even the first time you use it!
  • Learn more!
High Quality  – Total user experience design approach.
  • Wide angle camera gives ideal field of vision
  • Wireless receiver built to maintain a quality connection
  • Vivid 3.5" color display monitor
Best Total Value  – Solid combination of product engineering, eas of use and install at a mid-level price point
  • No installation fees, so all costs go to a superior product
  • Easy to use for new or experienced drivers
  • Retails under $300
  • Special pricing for schools and communities
Charity fund raisers  – Contact us to learn how we can help you raise money for your school or other worthy cause.


Overall installation
Installation video
Mounting the Monitor and Control Box

Overall Installation

Overall installation is easy, requiring just a few steps that just about anyone can do:
  1. Bolt the camera to the license plate mounts.
  2. Mount the monitor and control box on the dash using hook and loop tape.
  3. Connect monitor to control box and control box to cigarette lighter socket.
  4. Adjust control box position and channel for best video reception.

Installation Video

Installation is a snap. You can probably install it yourself in less than 10 minutes. Watch this video and see how easy it is!
Short Overview (1-1/2 minutes)
Full Installation, from Box to Car (6 minutes)
*For best results use on cars and pickup trucks. Not intended for RV’s, buses or trailers.

Mounting the Monitor and Control Box:

When mounting the monitor and control box, the main things to keep in mind are safety, convenience, and performance. To ensure safety it is important to not obscure the driver's vision by placing the monitor too high. For shorter drivers, it may be necessary to move the monitor and box to a lower point on the dash, in a cubby, or on another spot that is not between the driver and the road. The monitor and control box need to be within view and within reach so that the driver can see the image and press the button for on/off control. Finally, before finalizing the position of the control box, make sure you have good video transmission. It may be necessary to tweak the position of the control box in order to avoid 'dead spots'. You have a lot of options for mounting the monitor and control box.


Camera Specifications

  • Minimum Illumination: 3 LUX
  • View Angle: 158° Horizontal: 127° Vertical: 105°
  • Resolution: 380 lines
  • Power Supply: 3V (Two 1.5V AA batteries -- lithium primary preferred)
  • Wireless Communication: 2.4GHz ISM band
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60°C
  • Waterproofing: Sensor: IP6; Housing: IP4

Receiver Specifications

  • Supply Voltage: 12V
  • Video Output: 1.0Vp-p composite video, 75 ohm load (standard NTSC)
  • Monitor Supply Voltage: 12V (switched)
  • Wireless Communication: 2.4GHz ISM band
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60°C


You know how frustrating it can be to hitch your trailer to your truck.  If you attempt the feat by yourself, how many times must you stop and get out to see how close you are?  How many times have you dinged your bumper or tailgate by running into the hitch?  How much fun is it when the rain or snow are falling down and you are tromping through sleet or snow? Or, if you have a partner, say a spouse, a fishing buddy, or construction partner, how many times have you misinterpreted their arm waving and hand signals?  You know they are doing their best, but it's hard to bite your tongue when you put another ding in the tailgate or when it takes fifteen tries to actually align the ball and hitch.

20-30 Minutes Away from the Job or Away from the Lake?

Check out this video to see how easy it is to align your ball and hitch with the QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera.  This small business owner bought the QuickVu™ system because he would generally spend 20-30 minutes just trying to hitch up his 2-ton trailer.  And the dings in the bumper and tailgate are evidence that he didn't always get it right.  We set up this camera on his first morning with the QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera, and you can see how easily and quickly he backs right up to the trailer, first time, in under a minute!


If you are pulling the trailer, but need to check to make sure the tarp or tie straps are still secure, just tap a button, and the camera comes on to give you a view of the trailer, even while you are driving down the highway!  Just try that with a camera that only comes on when your truck is in reverse!  (No! Don't try that!  Please!)