QuickVu installs in minutes using just a screwdriver

Avoid installation fees and shop time

"If you’ve been envious of cars that have built-in backup cameras, Fort Collins-based Trail Ridge Technologies has the next best thing: a camera system that doesn’t require drilling holes and routing wires in your car."

Rated #1 by TopTenReviews.com

"For its combination of features and easy installation, we've decided to award the QuickVu Backup Camera our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award."

"The camera has a light sensor and six infrared LEDs so that it can be used in the dark, and it's waterproof and cold-weather-resistant."

Increase rear visibility on almost any vehicle


Wide Angle

Optical system presents a sweeping view of the area directly behind your bumper and outward.

Interference Free

Advanced digital wireless transmission provides clear video images even in electrically noisy environments.

Long Range

High power digital transceiver ensures reliable video delivery across long distances and through or around obstacles.

Parking Guide

On-screen guidelines help you judge distance.

Night Vision

Low light sensitivity and automatic LED assist for darkness ensure visibility at night.

Dedicated Monitor

Dedicated color monitor is always connected and ready for quick on-time and low video delay. Mount it on your dash, in a cubby, or anywhere convenient.

QuickVu™ Digital Introductory Video