Introducing QuickVu™ Digital

The first truly wireless backup camera is even better!

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“For its combination of features and easy installation, we’ve decided to award the QuickVu Backup Camera our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.” —


Install in 5 minutes! (No Installer!)

Our long-awaited QuickVu™ Digital product is here!

You’ve waited for features like these:

  • 5-minute installation!
  • Dedicated monitor with built-in custom receiver
  • Reliable digital transmission for less interference
  • Longer distances — tested over 1200 feet!
  • Works on more vehicles: car, truck, RV, trailer, bus…
  • No interference from Bluetooth devices

The first truly wireless rear view system is now even better.


See what’s back there!

Upgrade your car, truck or trailer with this powerful rear view camera system that can be installed in minutes.

Rugged, Weatherproof Camera

Designed by engineers in Colorado, QuickVu™ is ready for cold winters, hot summers and heavy spring rains.


Dedicated 4.3″ Monitor

Having a dedicated monitor means that QuickVu is ready when you need it, even before shifting into reverse gear. You don’t have to fumble for your phone and wait for an app to start…


Powerful Communication Link

QuickVu™ Digital line-of-sight transmission has been tested up to more than 1200′!


Automatic Active NightVision

The camera works great in low light conditions.  But if it’s really dark back there, six LED’s turn on to light up the scene.


Quickvu™ Digital sports the following features:

QuickVu™ Digital Is the Perfect Hitch Camera

One of Your Least Favorite Tasks Just Got Better

You know how frustrating it can be to hitch your trailer to your truck.  If you attempt the feat by yourself, how many times must you stop and get out to see how close you are?  How many times have you dinged your bumper or tailgate by running into the hitch?  How much fun is it when the rain or snow are falling down and you are tromping through mud or snow? Or, if you have a partner, say a spouse, a fishing buddy, or construction partner, how many times have you misinterpreted their arm waving and hand signals?  You know they are doing their best, but it’s hard to bite your tongue when you put another ding in the tailgate or when it takes fifteen tries to actually align the ball and hitch.


How Will You Use the Time You Save?

This small business owner used to spend 20-30 minutes just trying to hitch up his 2-ton trailer — and the dings in the bumper and tailgate are evidence that he didn’t always get it right!  We set up this camera on his first morning with the QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera, and you can see how easily and quickly he backs right up to the trailer, first time, in under a minute!


If you are pulling the trailer, but need to check to make sure the tarp or tie straps are still secure, just tap a button, and the camera comes on to give you a view of the trailer, even while you are driving down the highway!  Just try that with a camera that only comes on when your truck is in reverse!  (No! Don’t try that!  Please!)

QuickVu™ Digital Is Also a Great Trailer Camera

No Wires, No Fuses, No Hassle

We all know that a vehicle as large and cumbersome as a travel trailer or RV poses challenges for rear visibility. Whether backing up or changing lanes, knowing just what is behind you can be tough. And installing a rear view camera can be costly or just plain difficult. Your fuse box is already a challenge, and now you need to install one more device.

Fortunately, with QuickVu™ Digital, there are no wires to run or fuses to manage. The battery operated camera is completely separate from your vehicle’s power system, and the monitor simply plugs into the auxiliary power supply (cigarette lighter receptacle). Without a professional installer, you can have the system running in minutes.

Not Only for Reverse

Traditional backup cameras turn on when you put the vehicle in reverse and turn off when you take the vehicle out of reverse. This limits their usefulness when performing some maneuvers (parallel parking in a smaller vehicle, positioning a trailer, and so on), because you can’t see where you are until you shift back into reverse. With QuickVu™ Digital, you can have the camera on at any time, so you can see what you are doing throughout your task. (Note, QuickVu™ Digital should not be left on continuously due to the severe impact on battery life.)

And because you can turn on QuickVu™ Digital with the press of a button, you can even turn it on when driving down the highway, in case you need a better view of traffic behind you, such as when changing lanes in heavy traffic.