Best Ways to Beat Holiday Traffic

Road at night with Christmas lights over the top.

Are you traveling this holiday season? If you are, you may want to figure out how to beat all of that holiday traffic before you plan your trip. Since most people travel during the holidays, you could be looking at hours of being stuck in traffic unless you take a few tips and tricks into consideration. Here are some of the best ways to avoid holiday traffic this year.

How to Avoid Traffic At All Costs

  • Plan your route. Know where you’re going, so that you don’t have to rely on a GPS system, and so that you know whether or not some roads on your route are closed. Sometimes a GPS can be more harm than good during travel, so make sure you have a general idea of the roads you are taking. It helps to have a backup plan just in case the route that you want to take isn’t currently an option.
  • Remember that most people will get out of work at the same time that you do. So, heading wherever you’re going after work probably means hitting rush hour traffic. If you can work it out with your boss, plan to get out of work a day ahead of time, or hang out with some friends until rush hour traffic subsides.
  • Check border times. If you plan to cross a border during your trip, you can use a wide variety of apps and websites to check on border crossing times. There’s nothing worse than sitting at a border waiting in a massive line of traffic.
  • Use Google Maps. Did you know that Google Maps can show you what traffic in your area currently looks like? Take a look at the map before you leave to see whether or not your route is the best one to take, and whether or not you should wait a while before you leave your home or work.
  • Put gas in your car before you leave. This tip might not help you avoid traffic, but it will certainly help you avoid an unnecessary stop at the start of your trip. Fill your car up with gas the night before you leave, so that you’re ready to go at the start of the next day.
  • Make sure your car is in good shape. Along the same lines as putting gas in your car, making sure that your car is in good shape and road ready is important. Consider installing a backup camera before you leave, too, so that your trip is a safe one.

The Importance of a Back Up Camera

A back up camera system might not be the first thing on your mind while you plan a trip. However, these cameras can prevent accidents when it comes to backing your car up in parking lots and in other places. Chances are that you will be parallel parking or stopping in a few rest areas along the route of your trip, and having a camera installed that lets you clearly see what’s in back of you is a really good way to prevent any kind of accident from happening.

While nobody plans to back into an object or person, this happens all the time, and is exactly the kind of accident that a backup camera can prevent. If your car doesn’t come with a camera installed, call us today to get a backup camera so that you can make sure that your trip is a safe one from start to finish. Keep the above tips in mind when you start out on your travels this holiday season. Taking note of these helpful tips might make your trip all the safer. Have fun!