Can a Trailer Hitch Backup Camera Save You Two Hours per Week?

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Hitching Trailers on the Job

We have talked to people who use their trailer everyday. Contractors, handymen, landscapers, and workers of all kinds. Some have to hitch up their trailer more than once each day. These trailers are essential to their livelihood. These are heavy trailers, not little utility trailers that can be easily moved to the hitch, even if your pickup is not really close. The common story is how long it takes to hitch the trailer to the pickup. Without a backup camera, you back toward the trailer, you get out and see how close you are, you get back in and repeat. After 15, 20, or 30 minutes, the ball is aligned with the hitch, and you can lower the trailer hitch on the ball. In good weather, this is just an unprofitable use of time. In rain, wind, slush, snow, or blowing ice, it’s a real pain!

How Fast Can You Hitch Your Trailer with a Backup Camera?

We know we have hit on a winning solution when we have customers tell us they really like hitching their trailer now! If you checked out the video on our webpage, you will see one of our customer’s first attempt at using the QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera to hitch his trailer. In the video, he backs his pickup across a parking lot and then up to his trailer. The entire process takes under a minute! And that was his first day.

Another customer works for a small contracting firm. Often a need arises to go pick up a load of materials and deliver it to some job site. Before QuickVu™ everyone in the office would try to make some excuse why they couldn’t go get the load, because it was so frustrating to hitch up the trailer. Now that he has the QuickVu™ system, he volunteers to get the load. Hitching the trailer is so quick and easy, he is the hero in the office!

Time Is Money — Or Better!

If you hitch your trailer once a day, and it takes you 20-25 minutes a day, you will spend two hours a week. If you hitch up twice a day, that would be up to four hours each week! This is time just hitching your trailer. You are not building anything. You are not landscaping. You are not doing those things that bring in your paycheck. What if you could reduce two hours to six minutes? Or four hours to twelve minutes? Could you put that extra time to better use? Could you serve more customers? Or could you spend a little more time at the lake or with your family?

How will you use the time that the QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera gives you?