Did You See the Infiniti QX60 Commercial?

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Infiniti QX60

I recently saw a wonderful commercial for the Infiniti QX60. The commercial said, “In the fraction of time we spend driving in reverse, about half a million accidents occur each year.” Of course, the commercial describes the advanced technology deployed in the QX60 to help avoid these accidents.

I am grateful for all of the safety features being included in late-model cars, and I wish everyone had them. Maybe someday vehicular accidents will be a thing of the past. However, I suspect most of us are not ready to plunk down $42,100 just to get help avoiding backing accidents.

So, I am happy that we can provide an easy-to-install wireless backup camera for only $259.99. It’s so easy to install, that many can install it in about 5 minutes. Watch our installation videos to see just how easy it is.

Maybe this year, we and Infiniti can lower the number of backing accidents to much less than half a million.  Whether you buy an Infiniti or a QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera, I hope you will help us out.