Driver Awareness Is Still Important

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Backup camera installation on any vehicle (regardless of year, make, or model) easily means making the roads safer for drivers and pedestrians alike. Now that all new cars must have a rear view backup camera installed (models 2015 or later), drivers have come to rely on this technology to prevent collisions and other incidents.

In the very near future, drivers will also come to rely on automated driving technology. This new tech will allow a driver to sit back and relax while on the road, and this can mean a much needed break for tired or overworked drivers. It can also mean that the roads will become much safer for everyone once cars start to communicate with each other, and roads (much like airspace) become controlled by automated vehicles.

But with this technology comes the false assumption that human involvement is no longer needed.

The Human Factor

You can easily rely on your car backup camera to let you know when you’re about to hit something that you can’t easily see. The camera will start to warn you that you’ve coming close to that item, and you should have ample time to stop your car. However, you still have to look. Turning your head to see if anything is in your way–combined with the information provided by a backup camera–means that you will not hit anything. Can you rely on the camera alone?

While cameras are 99% accurate, human involvement is still important. Even though every new car that you purchase this year will come with a backup camera installed, looking to see how much room you have in back of you means that you can figure things out that a camera might not tell you. Cameras are added to cars to provide an extra layer of security, but not to replace human intelligence completely.

Automation is the Same

Many assume that automated cars mean no more driver involvement, but this isn’t the case. All cars that are currently being built to run automatically include an alert system. When an automated system cannot function on its own for whatever reason, the system will sound off an alarm. This alarm means that human interaction must happen, so drivers still need to be awake and alert. Technology is amazing, but human intelligence can’t be entirely replaced.

That said, things like cameras and automated driving systems will make driving safer. There are many times when seeing that small object in back of your car is impossible, and a camera could save your (or someone else’s) life. While it’s important for drivers to look behind them when driving in addition to using a camera, a camera will provide that extra layer of protection that many drivers need.

Where to Get a Backup Camera

A backup camera can be installed on any kind of car or truck. All it takes is the right camera with the right installation. If you own a fleet of trucks, backup cameras could be your layer of protection between tired or reckless drivers and pedestrians or other vehicles on the road too. Going forward, all new cars will have cameras automatically installed (this is how important this technology is!), but why wait for a new car? Making your vehicles safe should be a top priority.

If you do like the idea of a camera for your vehicle, make sure to call Quick Vu and Trail Ridge Technologies today for information about pricing and other details. Our mission is to provide you with the best camera technology for your vehicle–no matter what kind of vehicle you drive. Technology is important, that’s undebatable, but so is human involvement–make sure to look when you backup, and always be alert behind the wheel.