Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really install the QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera system myself?

We designed the QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera specifically with ease of installation in mind. Unlike other, so-called wireless backup cameras, our camera really has no wires -- not even for power. If you can put a frame on your license plate, you can install the QuickVu™ camera. And the receiver and monitor are just as easy to install -- simply attach them to the dash, plug the monitor into the receiver, and plug the receiver into the power outlet. You can watch the entire process on our Videos tab. And note that we have changed the pedestal for the monitor, so mounting it is even easier to do than shown in the video! We also have added a suction cup mount and magnetic vent mount (both ordered separately) for additional mounting flexibility.

How long will it take to install my system?

Our system can be installed in under 10 minutes in most vehicles. See our Videos tab to watch the entire process. However, deciding on the precise placement of the monitor and receiver may take you more than 10 minutes. You may want to experiment with different locations both for appearance and to improve reception of the video signal.

Is the camera waterproof?

Yes, the camera is waterproof. While we do not recommend continually submerging the camera, the camera should hold up fine to the weather.

Why did a reviewer say that the camera was not waterproof?

Some of our early customers experienced some water damage to the camera. We took care of the problems under warranty, and then we re-designed and improved our seals. Testing with the current seals rates the camera water resistance at IP68.

Will the QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera work in my car, truck, trailer or RV?

We designed QuickVu™ to work on virtually any vehicle, trailer or RV. QuickVu™ employs a high power transmitter and sensitive receiver combined with efficient antennas which facilitates delivery of video across long distances and through/around multiple obstacles or walls. QuickVu™ employs frequency-hopped digital transmission technology so that it is not interfered with by other nearby transmitters such as Bluetooth.

How does the QuickVu™ camera know when I am in reverse?

Actually, it doesn't, but it can make a good guess. Most of us back up most often just after we start our car (backing out of a parking space, driveway, or garage). So, when you start your car and the power outlet powers up (this is not applicable for power outlets that are on 24/7), the QuickVu™ monitor comes on and requests a video signal from the camera. The camera stays on for a pre-determined length of time (default is 30 seconds) and then turns off automatically. You can also turn on the camera with a simple tap of a button on the receiver, so you can back into a parking space, etc.

Can I use QuickVu™ as a trailer hitch camera?

When mounted just above the hitch ball, the QuickVu™ camera proves to be an excellent trailer hitch camera. Our Videos tab shows a customer using QuickVu™ for the very first time to back up to a trailer. See how easily and quickly he aligns the hitch with the ball!

What kind of batteries are used in the camera, and how long will they last?

We recommend 2 Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries for the camera. Do not use regular alkaline batteries. In normal use in moderate temperatures, the batteries should last 9-12 months or more. Normal use consists of 4 uses of 30 seconds each per day. Increased usage or colder temperatures may reduce battery life.

What about night vision?

The QuickVu™ camera is very sensitive to light. In low light situations (dusk) the camera picks up enough light to enable driving visibility. When it is dark, 6 LEDs turn on automatically to illuminate the area immediately behind (6-8 feet) the camera.

Will using a backup camera save me money on car insurance?

You will have to check with your insurance provider to see what discounts they may offer for cars equipped with backup cameras. However, it is important to note that using a backup camera has been show to reduce backing accidents. Even minor damage to a bumper or fender can be very costly, and accidents involving children or other persons can cause serious injuries or death.

Do you have a warranty and a return policy?

We offer a full year warranty for the QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera. If it fails for any reason in the first year, we will repair or replace it. If you try the QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera, but it is just not for you, you may return it within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price (shipping fees not included). Please return it in the original, undamaged packaging.

Why wouldn't I buy a less expensive backup camera?

We believe the QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera is a great value. The least expensive backup cameras on the market are either poorly made in order to reduce cost, or they require serious efforts to install (including running wires from the back of the vehicle to the dash). Moderately priced systems still involve significant efforts to install, such as drilling holes in your vehicle, running wires to the reverse light, and splicing into the electrical lines. You could have to pay several hundred dollars just to have your inexpensive camera installed, and you may violate your vehicle manufacturer's warranty by doing so. We designed QuickVu™ to be easy for just about anyone to install, saving you those high installation costs.

What if I have more questions?

We have tried to include most of the information you need right on our website, but if you can't find your answer there, please feel free to contact us. We have a question submission form on our home page, and our contact information is listed in the sidebar. We will be glad to help!