Backup Cameras Keep the Kids Safe on Halloween

halloween graphic

We Are About Safety

As you can imagine, safety is important to us here at Trail Ridge Technologies. The idea for our QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera arose partly from personal experience with backover accidents. We wanted to make a backup camera that anyone could use.

We are really happy to see so many other groups that are educating all of us on safety matters. We received a recent email from The email listed several great ideas for keeping children safe on Halloween, and we hope everyone will especially careful tonight! Check out their website for lots of great ideas for protecting kids around vehicles.

Use Backup Cameras to Save Lives on Halloween

We were particularly happy to see that their email included a reference to an article posted on Forbes yesterday: “Rear View Cameras Can Save Lives On Halloween Night, New Research Finds.”

Here’s to a safe and happy Halloween for everyone, especially our children!