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Local Contractor Loves His QuickVu™

We had a recent interaction with a local customer that had a QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera that had stopped working. Since he was local, we could meet face to face to discuss the problem and make things right. It was fun to connect with a customer personally!

After investigation, we found that the unit was indeed malfunctioning, and we quickly made the necessary repairs. When we returned the unit, we were able to talk more about the camera and how it was being used.

A contractor in a small business, John is frequently in his pickup backing up to hitch up trailer. The process would often require him to get in and out of his truck 15-20 times to get the hitch and ball aligned. This was so frustrating that he starting shopping around for a backup camera. When CarToys wanted about $800 to put a camera on his truck, he said he could get in and out of his truck a lot of times for $800!

Soon after that, his son learned about the QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera and bought one for his dad. They installed it on the pickup, and now backing up to the trailer hitch takes less than a minute and it is really easy! Now when someone needs something picked up with the trailer, he volunteers readily, because it so simple he doesn’t mind!

As we talked, we brought up the new model we are designing to work on larger vehicles, such as RVs and 5th wheels. John asked if the new model would work on construction equipment, like dump trucks, graters, and so on. He is anxious to try this out! And so are we!