A Peek at the 2015 VW Passat

The new 2015 VW Passat

Did you catch the news? It seems 2015’s Volkswagen Passat is opening the door for more to own the reputable German engineered brand with a price tag of $21,940 (5-speed) and $23,040 (automatic) to start. According to ABC News, that’s cheaper than a 2015 Toyota Camry ($24,460). To further entice you, Consumer Reports magazine has listed it as a recommended purchase. Not enough for you? The 2015 Passat has also earned a five-star rating in federal government crash testing.

The 2015 Passat is desirable for many reasons, one of which being the spacious interior and trunk space, beating out the Camry. The main reason most prefer the Passat is the Volkswagen name, and those who are VW-lovers have been anticipating the release of the new Passat for some time. They were pleasantly surprised by the low sticker price, especially since the Passat has long been the mid-grade model, a step above the Jetta. There is one problem – while it may be more comfortable and spacious on the inside, it’s lacking a feature or two. This oversight might cause people to opt for the Camry anyway.

What It Has, What It Lacks

All Passats in 2015 will come standard with many options, most to be expected. You get air conditioning, power locks, mirrors, and windows, and foldable split rear seats to transport larger items. As every car today should have, it offers Bluetooth connectivity for your smartphone, and a six-speaker sounds system to enjoy your playlists.

However, if you want to buy a car that’s compliant with the upcoming law that requires a backup camera on every vehicle, you’ll have to look elsewhere, or upgrade to the Passat SE. This must have been an oversight on VW’s part – how could they forget to offer this in the base model? That’s where Toyota was smart. All of their vehicles, base or upgrade, come standard with a backup camera system.

Other things you’ll enjoy if you upgrade to the SE include leather-look seats, rear air vents, touchscreen for your premium audio system, leather-wrapped steering wheel, heated seats, and much more.

Under the Hood

Something the 2015 Passat has going for it that a lot of competitors just can’t match – it offers choices in terms of engines. Choose from the base 1.8-liter gasoline turbo four cylinder, 3.6-liter gas-powered V-6, and the 2-liter turbodiesel four cylinder, known as the TDI.

While it starts at $27,645, seemingly outrageous compared to the base model price, it is the lowest price diesel sedan on the market today. It’s a bargain, and you get 150 horsepower and 236 foot-pounds of torque at 1,750rpm. Choosing the diesel option also gets you 42mpg highway/30mpg city.

How It Drives

Testers found the 2015 Passat to be quite comfortable and roomy, and the control knobs and gauges were conveniently placed and easy to understand. The one thing testers noted is that the seats were firm but not enough to be uncomfortable. The support they provide is unmatched by rival cars, making this a great vehicle for those who are on the road a lot.

The brakes were responsive, as was the steering, whether in wet or dry conditions. In fact, testers noted in was unparalleled in handling, more precise than anything on the market right now. And although it is  VW, a German brand, it is built right here in the US in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

If you choose to get this marvel of German engineering and just don’t want to pay for the SE upgrade, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered in terms of backup cameras, providing an easy-to-install system you can do yourself!