Is the QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera Waterproof?

Is Your Backup Camera Waterproof?

Customers will sometimes ask us, “Is your backup camera waterproof?” As much as we would like to give a one word answer, we feel we owe you a more complete explanation.

First, the camera lens and imaging sensor are completely sealed and rated IP67 waterproof. This means that your lens will never fog up due to water inside the unit.

However, because you will need to replace the batteries occasionally, we cannot completely seal up the entire camera body, and so we cannot call it completely waterproof. And a few of our earliest units did have some problems with water seeping in and damaging the electronics. In those instances, we honored our warranty and replaced the damaged units with new cameras.

Continually Improving

And we have learned more about how to protect the backup cameras from water.

  • We have replaced the older, harder O-ring seal with a softer O-ring, improving our ability to keep water out.
  • We apply a silicone grease to the O-ring seal during assembly, further improving the water seal.
  • We are more careful when tightening screws on the back (covering the batteries), so there is less chance of warping the back and creating a gap.
  • We apply a conformal coat to the printed circuit board, protecting the board and the electronics from damage should any water seep in.

Since we have made these improvements, we have seen few (if any) problems with water damage.

Our Goal Is to Provide the Best, Easiest to Install Backup Camera

You have to know this is important to us. Our warranty is our commitment to you. And because we will always honor our commitment, we cannot afford to have all of our units returned because of water damage!

We are very confident you will be happy with the QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera, and we are always looking for more ways to improve your experience. We would love to hear your suggestions.