Check out these comments and reviews from users of QuickVu. We have included a sampling of commercial reviews, positive customer reviews and negative customer reviews (with our rebuttal, of course!). We hope you find these helpful.

Commercial Reviews

"…easy installation and practical design make it a great option" –

"…installs in literally 5 minutes" – TruckU TV on SPEED channel

"…adding a backup camera is fairly easy" –

Recent Customer Emails

"On 12/31/13 I ordered a Quickvu Wireless Backup Camera. It has been a godsend on my car. Yesterday, however, the cable that goes into the lighter broke. How do I order just a replacement of that specific cable?" — Michael, 10/17/2015

"Hip-hip-hoo-ray!!  I apologize for mounting that camera upside down. And for thinking you were wrong about that. I just flipped it over and I have a nice crisp view of the car parked behind me in our parking lot. You were patient and really helpful in getting me straightened out.  Sometimes I am a bit slow on printed instructions.  Age here is 89.  Which is why I stay away from telephones.  A hearing problem. Now all is well and I shall recommend your fine product to the folks I know. Thank you.  Thank you." — Ed, 12/30/2015

Positive Customer Reviews

"…makes backing up not a safety issue anymore" – R. Keith

"I have had my QuickVU backup camera for a few months now. I was interested in the QuickVU because of a blind spot that my new car has….I have been driving for 35 years and never had a car with such a terrible blind spot. I would have to have a leap of faith every time I put the car in reverse. I was simply scared to back out of a parking space. The clarity from the camera and just the right size of the viewing screen makes backing up not a safety issue anymore. I also found the ease of installation simple enough even for me. I wish I had one or these years ago when I had a Camper and had to continually hop in and out of the truck just to see if the hitch lined up with the camper. One time I went too far back and damaged my truck and had a $950.00 repair bill for a tiny dent. I recommend QuickVU to correct a blind spot or for anyone who uses a trailer hitch."

"…I have been very happy with this product." – S. Merrill

"When my son started driving, I wanted a backup camera for my Suburban. The camera was easy to install on the license plate frame and the video monitor mounted easily on the dashboard. I had a few challenges with the electrical in my truck, but we resolved the problem and it works great. The visibility is good–even at night. I have been very happy with this product."

"…one of the great things about this product–it can be switched to another vehicle without much hassle." – Danelle

"I’ve had this back-up camera for about 6 months. We recently purchased a car with a built in back-up camera, so we switched the QuickVu camera to another car. Which is one of the great things about this product–it can be switched to another vehicle without much hassle. Having driven both cars for a few months now, I can say that the QuickVu camera functions pretty much the same way as the built in camera. They basically do the exact same thing! It took me a few minutes longer to install than the directions said it would, and I would like to be able to mount in on my windshield (similar to a GPS), but if you don’t have a built-in back-up camera, this is a great, inexpensive alternative! And as a mother, it really gives me peace of mind."

"Gave this to my husband and he loves it!" – Linda L.

"Gave this to my husband and he loves it! Easy to install and the picture is very clear, even at night in parking lots. It comes on when you start your car. I want one for my own SUV!"

"Extremely simple to install." – Atlaskid

"Received as a Christmas gift, and installed 1/6/2015. Works perfectly on a Camper Van about 18 ft. in length. Extremely simple to install. I would definitely purchase another one for second automobile !"

"Great value for the money." – Jerry

"Great value for the money. They said it will take 5 minutes to install and that is exact the amount of time I spent installing the unit. A lot better than spending $500 on another unit."

…and Negative Customer Reviews

"Needs Improvement" – Avak

"I searched a lot for a rear view camera that did not have or require any wires being connected to the back of my car. This is the only product I have found that really was like that. I had a few problems with it before returning it. First, the connection really was not the best. I had constant static on the screen. My guess is it was from the areas I could have been in, or interference. Second, depending on the type of car you have, power may be on to the 12 volt lighter jack when the car is on. On my car (2012 Ford Escape), I have power whether the car is on or not. This could also mean battery drainage. Thankfully, I did not have that problem. I would have to push the “A” button to turn on camera, and then it would automatically turn off. It would randomly turn on sometimes, which I do not know why. I do not like mounting things onto my dash and it did not have a windshield mount, which gave me very limited room to play with. The remote only worked on certain functions. I really did not understand the point of that. Overall, it wasn’t too bad, but it was getting annoying and would have been a head ache. It was not for me, but maybe for you, it will be success."

Our response:

  • Static/interference – The QuickVu Wireless Backup Camera works on most cars and pickups. However, we are aware of some owners who have had trouble with interference. In many cases this can be corrected through slight positional adjustment of the receiver, just as you would adjust the ‘rabbit-ears’ antenna on an older TV for good reception. In some cases where the distance from camera to receiver is greater, such as in some extended cab pickup trucks, the signal from the camera may not be strong enough to provide acceptable video. Also, if a vehicle communicates with other electronics such as smart phones via Bluetooth, interference may result. If the user finds through one of these scenarios that the video quality is unacceptable, we recommend returning the unit within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. We are working on a new digital version of our camera that will work well in all vehicles and in the presence of Bluetooth and other disturbances. Please contact us for more details and availability of this digital model.
  • Battery drainage – The receiver mounts on the dash and remains plugged in to the car’s accessory receptacle (cigarette lighter jack). When the camera is off it draws very little current to monitor whether the button has been pressed or not so the risk of draining the battery is extremely low. If the vehicle is to be put in storage, it would be advisable to unplug the QuickVu monitor, as well as GPS units, phone chargers, or any other accessory that is plugged into the car’s electrical system.
  • Randomly turning on – As would be the case with any accessory that plugs into the cigarette lighter, if the plug is not in all the way, it may make intermittent contact. Users should ensure that the plug is pushed in all the way.
  • Remote only works on certain functions -The monitor is setup in the factory for proper operation as a backup camera monitor. The remote is provided with the monitor if the user wants to experiment with alternate uses of the monitor. However, the remote is not necessary for use with the backup camera system.

"Pricey" – B. Sewell

"Pricey, installation was okay, however unit runs very marginally, screen does not turn on every time, requires messing with controls to final get a rear view picture. I probably would look for another brand and / or model"

Our response:

  • Price – The QuickVu camera includes power saving electronics, high quality wireless circuitry, batteries, and high reliability components. When comparing backup camera systems, it is important to consider the entire installed cost. Other backup camera systems require at least cutting and splicing into your vehicle’s electrical system and possibly drilling into your bumper to mount the camera. If you have experience with these kinds of installations and are not worried about vehicle warranty issues you may prefer this route. However, paying an installer to install a less expensive system can easily push the total installed cost over the $299 cost of the QuickVu System. Please see our comparison chart for more details on installed cost of different backup camera types.
  • Unit runs marginally, etc. – As mentioned above, some longer vehicles or vehicles with Bluetooth communications may result in unacceptable video. However, this has impacted a very small number of our customers and the vast majority have been very pleased with operation. For those cases that are in question please feel free to try out our camera for 30 days and return it for a full refund if it doesn’t meet your expectations, or inquire about our forthcoming digital version.

"…easy provided you have longer license plate screws" – M.M.

"I really like the idea of a back up camera especially when it comes to parallel parking. I’m not mechanically inclined so a truly wireless backup camera has great appeal to me. The installation process is easy provided you have longer license plate screws to mount the camera."

Our response:

  • Screws – The vast majority of cars have license plate screws that are long enough to go through the QuickVu camera mounts and license plate and still have enough length to attach firmly to the car. For those few cases where the screws are not long enough, a longer screw that fits the hole can be readily obtained from a hardware store.