QuickVu™ Digital Wireless Backup Camera System

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Introducing the new QuickVu™ Digital wireless backup camera. The first truly wireless, general purpose, after-market rear view camera is now even better. Suitable for virtually any vehicle, the new QuickVu™ system is even easier to install, has a larger display, and even has LED enhanced night vision. And your in-car Bluetooth system will not interfere with QuickVu™ Digital's video.

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Our long-awaited QuickVu™ Digital product is here!

While our original QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera has met the needs of customers for three years, we are very happy to announce our new and improved QuickVu™ Digital. Like the original, this all-digital backup camera is completely wireless. Unlike the original, QuickVu™ Digital has only a simple monitor to install on the dash, making installation of the entire system even simpler than before! And this all-digital model works on more vehicles at greater distances with less interference.

QuickVu™ Digital:
Super Easy Rear Vision

The first truly wireless rear view system is now even better.
Easy, 5-minute, DIY installation!

See what’s back there!
Upgrade your car, truck or trailer with this powerful rear view camera system that can be installed in minutes.

Rugged Weatherproof Camera

Dedicated 4.3″ Monitor

Powerful Communication Link

QuickVu™ Digital line-of-sight transmission has been tested up to more than 1200′!

Automatic Active NightVision

The camera works great in low light conditions.  But if it's really dark back there, six LED’s turn on to light up the scene.


This next generation Quickvu™ sports the following features:


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