Some Corny Trailer Hitch Fun?

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I was browsing YouTube videos on trailer hitches, etc., and I came across this commercial for a product to help hitch your trailer. I am not promoting the product, but I think the commercial, however corny, effectively illustrates the frustration many feel as the try to hitch up their trailer before a pleasant outing to the lake or anywhere else. Watch it for a laugh (or a groan).

Trailer Hitching Ease and General Safety

While the QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera was designed as a general purpose camera to provide safety and convenience while backing up, it has been shown to be an excellent trailer hitch camera when mounted just above the ball. The long lasting battery means you can keep it mounted and not have to worry about it every time you want to hitch your trailer. And keeping it on your truck mean you get backup visibility whenever you drive.