The Cars With the Best and Worst Visibility

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The Cars With the Best and Worst Visibility

Most people never think about visibility when buying a car. They might look at things like price, features, and overall safety ratings, but visibility doesn’t factor into the equation for most people. But this shouldn’t be the case. Not being able to see clearly when driving any car means that you are setting yourself (and the people you drive) up for danger.

Some cars have blind spots so large that a SUV could be in that spot, but the driver wouldn’t notice the other car. Yikes! Make safety a top priority when you buy your next car, and watch out for some of the models listed below that have the worst visibility.


The Worst Visibility

According to Consumer Reports, these cars have the worst visibility:

Porsche Boxster

Chevrolet Camaro

Toyota FJ Cruiser

Mini Cooper S Convertible

Nissan Z

Most of the cars in this list are sports cars, and that means that they are lower to the ground with things like bulky hoods getting in the way of seeing clearly. Low seating also adds to visibility issues, so keep that in mind when looking for a new car. For the most part, the cars on this list aren’t everyday cars that people drive, so you might be able to get away with purchasing one of these cars if you plan to use it occasionally – just install a rearview camera, so that you can at least see what’s behind you while driving.


The Best Visibility

Some cars just have it all together when it comes to visibility. Here are the ones that Consumer Reports puts on top of the visibility list:

Subaru Outback

Nissan Altima

Subaru Forester

Infiniti G Sedan

Why are these cars so special? They all have seats that are in good positions, and most of them also come with a backup camera that’s wireless. Even if some of these cars have some visibility issues when it comes to seeing what’s behind a car, a backup camera can make a huge difference, and that’s why Consumer Reports lists most of these cars on the best list.


Making Your Car Safer

Visibility is a huge and important issue, which is why all new cars that are released this year must come with a backup camera. But, you can make the car you own right now safer with the addition of an aftermarket backup camera from QuickVu. Not only will you be able to see what’s in back of you clearly, but you will also make the roads a lot safer for everyone on them – from cyclists to people walking in parking lots. Backing up into someone or something happens a lot more often than you may think, and the results of hitting someone or something can be devastating.

The safer car solution is simple enough. Just install a camera, so that you can see from every angle, no matter where you are looking when you are driving. It will pay to keep in mind too that most sports cars have low visibility. When purchasing a car for everyday use of for a teenager in your life, keep sports cars out of the picture. These cars are great when it comes to driving fun, but most sports cars are far from being safe.

Remember that you can make any car safer with the addition of a rearview camera. If you like this idea and want to be safer while driving, call QuickVu for your own backup camera today. Our cameras are easy to install, and they could save your life – or the life of someone else!