Tips to Prepare Your Car for Warmer Weather

Fresh Coat of Wax

The snow is finally starting to melt, and that means getting all things (including your car!) ready for the warmer seasons. Many people bring their car to the garage during the springtime for a quick tune up, but there are various things that you can do on your own as well. Here are our top tips.

-Check and stock up on fluids. Spring means rain, mud, and all kinds of things like leaves sticking to your windows. Make sure that you have enough windshield washer fluid, and check other fluid levels like oil too. If your car is missing any vital fluid, bring it into the garage for a quick fill, or do it yourself if you know where the fluids go. We also recommend placing a few bottles of washer fluid in your trunk to have at all times. You never know when you will run out!

-Take a look around the outside. How do your washer blades look? If they are ripped or torn or anything else, it’s time for new ones. What about the rust situation? Do you notice any rust starting to form? Now is a great time to bring your car into a garage for some rust proofing (it’s better to do it now than let it build!).

-Change your tires. If you were sporting winter tires all year, it’s time to change those tires to summer tires or all season tires. In some places, deadlines are set for tire changes, so make sure to meet those deadlines as soon as possible.

-Test out your brakes. How are your brakes working? Are they squeaking or having trouble stopping your car? Spring is a good time to replace your brakes, and you don’t want to be driving around with bad breaks at any time!

-How is your battery looking? Most of us never look at a car battery until it’s time for a jump, but simply peeking at your battery to note any signs of rust or corrosion is important. If you see that your battery isn’t looking so hot, it’s time to change it or bring it into the shop for a closer look.

-Is your air conditioner functioning okay? You may have been blasting the heat this winter, but what about that cooler air? Is your AC working right? Turn it on and test it out, and bring it into the shop before it gets too warm outside. You may also want to have any strange noises or smells looked at.

-Make your car pretty. If you want your car to look amazing all summer long, give it a good wax right now. You can wax your car on your own with a home wax kit, or you can bring it into a garage for a professional wax. Not only does a wax job make your car look better, but wax protects your car from dings and other wear and tear as well.

-Update any equipment. Things like GPS systems and adding an aftermarket backup camera to your vehicle could improve the way that you drive. Plus, adding a vehicle backup camera could save your life, or the life of someone else. Think about that addition the next time that you are driving!

Buying Vehicle Backup Cameras

This year, all new cars and trucks must have backup cameras as part of the law. There’s a good reason for this law too. These cameras make driving safer for both drivers and for pedestrians, and these cameras have saved lives. But you don’t need to buy a new car in order to get a backup camera. At QuickVu, we sell backup cameras for all cars and trucks regardless of size or model.

If you’ve been thinking of adding a camera to your car, call us today for more information. We’ll find you the best camera for your needs making you a better and safer driver. Is there anything that we missed when creating this list? Tell us what you do to prepare your car for spring on Facebook!