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VW’s E-Golf Details

e-Golf via Volkswagon

If you’re looking into getting a back up camera, there’s a good chance that you might be considering a new car too, and looking for a car that comes with a back up camera. Or, you could be looking for a car that doesn’t come with a back up camera, but a make or model that will let you easily install a wireless backup camera. One of the newer EV (electric vehicle) models that recently hit the marketplace is the VW e-Golf.

While VW’s e-Golf is far from being the first or only electric vehicle on the market, it’s the first foray into the EV arena for VW. As such, the e-Golf has some interesting elements that are worth a look if you are considering an electric vehicle. Here’s what you can expect to find with the VW e-Golf.

All the Same on the Outside

Aside from the fact that the e-Golf doesn’t have an exhaust pipe, the e-Golf looks pretty much the same as any other seventh generation Golf. In fact, it’s really hard to distinguish this model from other models, and that might be a good thing if you don’t dig the way that most EVs look. On the flip side, you may want your EV to look differently if you really want to show people that you are driving something electric – in this case, it might make sense to stand out and draw awareness.

Not On the Inside

As with most electric vehicles, the e-Golf includes special electric indications on the left hand side of the driver’s dash. You’ll see things like charging data and how much power you are using (in addition to whether or not the car is on, since electric vehicles can be rather quiet). You’ll also be able to tell how much power you can still access. But if your battery is low, that needle will also be low.

Towards the middle of the console you’ll find a standard LCD screen that features things like navigation and other car options. There’s not much different with this screen as compared to other cars with LCD’s, but it’s there when you need it all the same. The e-Golf does also come with a rear back up camera that’s integrated into the standard base model – but, if the console is non-responsive (which it tends to be when viewing tests of the e-Golf), that camera might not work so well. In this case, a wireless backup camera that can be added to the e-Golf is recommended.

Possible Drawback

The e-Golf gets 83-miles per charge, so that’s something to think about if you want to buy this car for long-distance driving. Typically, though, EVs are best used for city driving, and will remain that way until more charging stations are available throughout the world and on major highways.

Cost and Availability

If you like the way that the e-Golf sounds, you can buy one of these electric vehicles from VW for around $36,200. The e-Golf is available through VW right now, but it might be worth it to comparison shop if you are looking for a great electric vehicle. It’s not that the e-Golf isn’t pretty to look at or kind of fun to drive (as reviewers have pointed out), it’s that the e-Golf lacks where electronics are concerned, and that’s kind of a big deal in today’s vehicle marketplace.

If you’re not into the e-Golf, but you’d still like to learn more about a wireless backup camera for a new or used car, make sure to contact us today. We’ll set you up with a wireless backup camera that will help you see anything around you while also providing you with a safer driving experience.